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2.4 Million People Bought This Lipstick Shade Last Year & It’s on Sale

Why do so many people adore this MAC lipstick?

Here are some glowing, 5-star reviews from MAC shoppers.

“I have a medium tan skin color. I’m half black, half Asian. Chili looks great against my skin. The lipstick stays on even through eating and drinking. It reapplies well if I need to add another layer later. It’s a good product overall, ”a MAC customer said.

Another declared, “I LOVE this color. Perfect combination of orangish tone and brick.”

Someone else shared, “Chili was recommended to me by the store worker in mac Glasgow, as I have fiery copper hair and it goes perfect with my hair and skin tone not too light not too dark, it is also very moisturizing as I find matte lipsticks to be dry on my lips this one isn’t, also lasts a good 10 hours. “

A fan of the shade said, “I’m late to the red lipstick game in my 20’s-again, but better late than never! Chili is my favorite lip color !! Probably like a lot of people out there, I was too apprehensive about wearing red lipstick thinking it wouldn’t look good on my skintone … It is actually not super bright, but just red / brown / orange enough. It’s very flattering with my skin tone and I can’t believe it took me this long to try it. Highly recommend it to anybody who is thinking this won’t look good on them. It will !! I put it on and it makes me feel instantly more put together. Love this !! “

A MAC shopper reviewed, “I was gifted a set of lipsticks and discovered chili. OMG this is my fav, super flattering and I love how it lasts through the day. Even with a bit of balm it’s great!”

“I love them, they go everywhere with me. Chile was actually the first lipstick my mom ever let me wear, back in 1993. So, it has a special place in my heart,” a longtime MAC shopper said.

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