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29 Best iPhone 13 Cases and Accessories (MagSafe Tested)

Why fuss with cables when you have MagSafe? These portable chargers can stick to the back of your iPhone 13 and recharge it wirelessly, and you don’t need to carry an extra cable.

Mophie Snap + Juice Pack Mini for $ 50: This has a 5,000-mAh battery, so it will only charge your iPhone once, but it’s so slim and compact that it’s great to keep in your bag as an emergency backup power. Mophie includes a magnetic snap adapter, which is a little ring with magnets on one side and a 3M adhesive on the other to stick to non-MagSafe phones. I’ve also tried and like Mophie’s Snap + Powerstation Stand ($ 70)which has a 10,000-mAh capacity and a built-in kickstand, though it’s a bit bulkier.

MyCharge Mag-Lock Power Bank Starting at $ 50: You get three capacities to choose from: 3,000 mAh, 6,000 mAh, and 9,000 mAh. It stuck to the back of the iPhone 13 really well, and I love that it plays a sound when it starts or stops charging so you’re fully aware. There’s a USB-C port if you need to juice up faster, and it also lets you recharge the bank.

Anker 622 MagGo Portable Charger for $ 70: This slim 5,000-mAh power bank has a built-in kickstand that lets you prop up the iPhone in landscape or portrait orientation. You can use the USB-C port at the bottom to recharge the portable charger or your iPhone if you need to do the job faster. Unlike the Mophie Powerstation Stand I mentioned above, the screen wobbles quite a bit when you use it on the kickstand.

OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe for $ 70: Here’s yet another solid 5,000-mAh MagSafe charger. I took this with me on a trip to Atlanta, and it stayed stuck to my iPhone as I walked around town. Mind you, it’s not enough to fully recharge an iPhone 13 Pro Max, but it’s a great, slim, compact thing to leave in your bag.

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