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Day 68 of Putin’s war. Ukraine aims to continue evacuation from AzovStal, Russia keeps shelling grain warehouses

Evacuation of Mariupol residents, May 1

During the first two days of the evacuation from AzovStal, the last Ukrainian stronghold in Russian-occupied Mariupol the UN and ICRC helped the Ukrainian government to rescue more than 100 women, children, and elderly from the factory.

Although last night the Russians started shelling the plant again despite the agreed ceasefire, today Ukraine aims to continue the evacuation.

There are still some 2000 Ukrainian soldiers in AzovStal, some 600 of them are wounded. The Ukrainian defenders also hope that after Ukrainian civilians will be able to evacuate them too.

“The humanitarian operation in Mariupol will continue until we save all our citizens,” Ukraine’s reintegration minister Iryna Vereshchuk has said in a statement.

A long curfew was imposed in Odesa. It started at 10 pm on May 1 and will last until 5 am on May 3. People are not allowed out unless they are going to shelters. The authorities imposed a curfew not to let pro-Russian provocations that might happen today, May 2, the anniversary of the Odesa Trade Unions House tragedy.

In 2014 some 48 people died and more than 200 were wounded after the clashes between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian activists that ended up with a fire in a trade union’s house and the camp of pro-Russian supporters. This tragedy helped to suppress the pro-Russian uprising in Odesa and kept Odesa in Ukraine. Ukrainian law enforcers are still investigating who caused clashes and fires that killed many people. Yet Russian media and government already claimed that was Ukrainian nationalists who killed Russian people in Odesa.

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Early in the morning on May 2 Russians shelled Dnipropetrovsk Oblast several times. At about 8:02 am on May 2, Russian troops launched a missile strike on the Synelnykivskyi district of the Dnipropetrovsk region destroying a grain warehouse, said Valentyn Reznichenko, head of the regional military administration.

“We have an” arrival “again in the Synelnykiv district. The rocket hit the elevator. Destroyed the warehouse with grain. No one has been injured before,” Reznichenko wrote in a telegram channel on Monday morning.

Russia already shelled farms and grain warehouses in the same district on May 1.

And it has also stolen tons of Ukrainian grains in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Russian invaders continue to attack Ukraine on all fronts. The offense continues in Kharkiv Oblast near Izyum. Yesterday many Ukrainian media shared the news that Russian Chief Commander Gerasimov has been wounded there. But NYT has reported Gerasimov managed to leave Izyum before the Ukrainians attacked Russian positions and destroyed the command point there.

Ukrainian Army General Staff has reported

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