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Fornite x Marvel Zero War Reveals New Spider-Man Game Costume

Spider-Man stands in shock checking out his new Zero Suit armor on the cover of Fornite x Marvel: Zero War.

Image: Ron Lim and Israel Silva / Marvel Comics

Spider-Man has been through more costume changes and alternative suits over the years than most Marvel heroes, rivaling Iron Man for a wardrobe that could fill out several floors of Avengers Tower. But his prominence in Marvel’s upcoming Zero War crossover with Fortnite is giving him yet another — and it’s not half bad.

Ahead of tomorrow’s release of the first issue in writer Christos Gage, Epic Games chief creative officer Donald Mustard, and artist Sergio Davíla’s five-book miniseries Fortnite x Marvel: Zero WarMarvel has officially revealed that Peter Parker will don a new “Zero” suit in the series that readers will also be able to acquire with the first print run of issue one to redeem in Fornite (the suit itself will be available at a later date in the game’s store, because, well, it’s Fortnite).

Zero War isn’t the first time Marvel and Fortnite have teamed up outside of the game before — a previous tie in for a Marvel-themed season of cosmetic unlocks in the metaversal tossed shooter amnesiac Avengers into the paths of the original Fortnite characters and turned our brains into mush for the Nexus War event, and ever since there’s been plenty of MCU or comics tie-ins to bring a bevy of Marvel characters to the game as cosmetic skins. But Zero wants to emulate what Gage previously did with the game over at DC Comics with the shockingly good Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point. Which does indeed mean a swanky new costume for Peter Parker at least, which you can check out below in Ron Lim and Israel Silva’s homage to Mike Zeck and John Beatty’s Secret Wars # 8 cover reveal of Peter’s symbiote suit:

Image for article titled Fortnite Is Giving Spider-Man a Pretty Nifty New Armored Costume

Image: Ron Lim and Israel Silva / Marvel Comics

The Zero suit might not continue the legacy of Spider-Man’s armored suits being the latest Mk. model in a line of Spider-Armors in its name at least, but its lineage in Peter’s history of comics armors is pretty clear. Instead of being an all-armored suit, the tactical suit vibes and the padded armor sections feel very evocative of a bunch of the old Spider-Armors, especially the anti-Sinister Six Mk. III, introduced in 1999. Not too bulky for a nimble hero like Spider-Man, but enough suitable padding for the world of Fortnite where the poor guy’s gonna be shot at, pick-axed, or occasionally lightsaberedit’s a nifty new look for Peter that fits both his own costuming legacy and the world he’s going to find himself in Fortnite‘s ever-resetting battle royale.

Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War # 1, and its included code to access the Zero Suit in-game, is set to hit comics shelves tomorrow.

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