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Heather Connor (47KG) Breaks Deadlift World Record With 185-Kilogram Pull At 2022 IPF World Championships

On June 6, during the 2022 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Classic Powerlifting Championships, Heather Connor broke the raw deadlift IPF World Record for the 47-kilogram weight class with a pull of 185 kilograms (407.9 pounds). That weight is four times her official competition body weight of 46.6 kilograms (102.7 pounds).

It’s been a little while since Connor lifted on one of the more prestigious international lifting platforms. The powerlifter hadn’t competed in the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships since 2019, where she came in first place for the second time in her career (2017, 2019). She made her return to the 2022 edition in Sun City, South Africa, and she didn’t disappoint.

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Notably, Connor surpassed her own deadlift World Record by nine kilograms (18.8 pounds). Connor previously set that figure with a pull of 176 kilograms (388 pounds) during the 2019 IPF World Championships – her last appearance at the competition before this month. Connor completed the deadlift from a conventional stance while wearing a lifting belt.

Here’s a complete rundown of the top stats from her entire performance:

Heather Connor (47KG) | 2022 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships Stats

  • Squat – 142.5 pounds (314.2 pounds)
  • Bench Press – 70 kilograms (154.3 pounds)
  • Deadlift – 185 kilograms (407.9 pounds) – IPF World Record
  • Total – 397.5 pounds (876.3 pounds)

Connor had been especially hard at work with her deadlift in preparation for this year’s competition. The American athlete actually pulled 195 kilograms (429 pounds) – roughly 21 kilograms more than her new World Record – during a recent May 2022 training session. She also captured that pull from a conventional stance with just a lifting belt. The powerlifter did make a 193-pound (423.5-pound) attempt during the competition but was unable to lock it out successfully.

Connor’s Performance in Context

Thanks to her World Record deadlift, Connor fared quite well in the overall results for the 47-kilogram weight class. Her 397.5-pound (876.3-pound) total was enough to finish in second place. Thanks to a few records of her own, fellow 47KG powerlifter Tiffany Chapon took home first place.

That said, while she notched a new deadlift World Record, Connor didn’t seem pleased with her results in a post on her Instagram.

“Not my best, certainly not my worst, but today is what I had in me,” Connor wrote. “The stronger lifter [Chapon] won today, and I’m perfectly okay with that. ”

According to Connor, part of her second-place finish may have resulted from travel issues, which interfered with her training routine. Though, she seemed to be accepting of her unfortunate situation.

“My circumstances weren’t ideal no matter what way you look at it: Constant cancellations and five days of travel to get somewhere which at one point seemed almost impossible,” Connor wrote. “Missed training days due to these circumstances, and all I can say about it is: ‘It is what it is.'”

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If it’s any consolation for Connor, making the podium at an international competition is still noteworthy in the powerlifting sphere. It might be even more impressive that she managed to do it at the IPF Worlds after not participating for two years.

There’s assuredly a lot more for Connor to achieve through the rest of his career. She might even use this second-place, deadlift-record-breaking performance as added motivation to get back to the top.

Featured image: @theipf on Instagram

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