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Powerlifter Sherine Marcelle (90KG) Squats 297 Kilograms (655 Pounds) W / Wraps for New All-Time PR

Powerlifter Sherine Marcelle is on a mission. With recent strength feats like a 233.6-pound (515-pound) beltless deadlift personal record (PR) from early June 2022, and a 274.4-pound (605-pound) squat from late May 2022, she’s leaving no stone unturned. Marcelle’s latest achievement might be her best yet.

On June 6, 2022, Marcelle squatted 297 kilograms (655 pounds) raw with wraps during a training session for a new PR. The new number surpasses her previous all-time raw squat with wraps PR of 280 kilograms (617.3 pounds) from the 2022 World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) Ghost Clash in February 2022.

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Marcelle’s new top squat also exceeds the current squat with wraps World Record for a competitor in the 90-kilogram weight class. Though, it is unofficial because it occurred during training. The still-current record holder is Crystal Tate, who notched a 290.3-pound (640 pounds) squat with wraps at the 2017 Xtreme Powerlifting Coalition (XPC) Finals.

A Meaningful Mark

Capturing this squat with PR wraps still seems to mean a lot to Marcelle. As she details on her Instagram, the accomplishment is an apparent part of a journey through adversity.

“It’s just powerlifting, it’s just a barbell, but it saved me from me while allowing me to tap into the true nature of who I really am fearlessly,” Marcelle wrote. “I fought through injuries and a lot more, and life took a turn for the best. Last time I had 650 pounds on my back, I partially tore my quad, and today I came out injury-free. ”

While it’s clear Marcelle is back on the right track when it comes to her power, she notes that she won’t be competing this year. Her mindset seems to be more about individual improvement before she steps back onto a sanctioned lifting platform.

“I won’t be stepping on the platform in wraps this year, but I will continue to perfect my craft, so once I do next year, whenever that may be, I will have zero injuries.”

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Marcelle at a Glance

Marcelle has competed as a professional powerlifter since April 2016. In that time, across 11 competitions, she can boast eight victories and two other second-place finishes. The only time Marcelle failed to qualify for the podium was a fourth-place result back in March 2017.

As Marcelle moves towards the next phase of her career and continues to work on her “craft,” it might not be a stretch to say she’ll continue this impressive run. If her latest heavy squat with wraps hints at anything grand in the future, the next phase might be the best yet.

Featured image: @sincerelysherine on Instagram

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