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This $ 20 Pack of Anti-Chafing Shorts Has 12,600 5-Star Amazon Reviews

Wondering what actual Amazon shoppers say about these shorts? Check out the following reviews.

“These are just great. I use them under skirts in warmer locations to stop that awful thigh sweat that unfortunately happens from time to time even in the smallest of us, or to compliment an outfit.”

“I live in Phoenix where your goal in summer is to stay cool. I wear mostly cotton skirts and dresses to keep the air flowing, but I always hated thigh sweat or sitting and having your thighs stick together. So I tried these and oh my goodness – BEST thing ever! They are SUPER soft, SUPER comfy, and keep you so dry and cool. Plus, they don’t roll or ride up. “

“I love these so much! They are a savior both in the summer under dresses to stop my chub rub and also to wear under leggings that are sometimes a bit see-through. I will be ordering more (probably in black), though the flesh color ones are great under summer dresses and less obvious than black. So cool and comfortable in the heat too, so you don’t feel like you are over layered. Love, love, love! “

“These are my summer go-tos to wear under skirts and dresses, and around the house with t-shirts. They do a great job of preventing the dreaded thigh ‘chub rub’ chaffing due to skin friction.”

“These are the most cool and comfortable underpants I have found to wear under a dress in the summertime. Everything else I’ve tried has made me sweat, but these don’t. Very comfortable and breathable. Love them!”

“I was concerned they would be too long for skirts / dresses (I am 5’3”) but they are not too long. They fit perfect, stretch in all the right places, the gusset makes them very comfortable and keeps me cool, dry and chafe-free. My mom wore something like these back in the 1960s and I laughed at them, but now I think these are pretty dandy and the perfect undies for a hot summer day. “

“Comfortable, lightweight, cotton bike shorts. I had been looking for these and am very happy with my purchase. I wear them as PJs and layer them under skirts. They give more coverage without being too warm, and prevent dreaded thigh chafing.”

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