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Toy News 6/10/2022 — Lego Obi-Wan Kenobi, Transformers x GI Joe

Image: Pure Arts, Fan Wraps, and Hasbro

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular round up of the latest toy news dazzling us on the internet. This week, Hasbro mashes Transformers up with GI Joe again, Lego returns to Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s biggest moment, and get ready to never turn your neck with a Bat-tacular Keaton replica. Check it out!

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Hasbro Transformers Collaborative: GI Joe Mash-Up, Bumblebee AWE Striker & Lonzo “Stalker” Wilkinson

Peanut butter and chocolate have got nothing on the pairing of Transformers and GI Joe: two of the most iconic toy lines of all time. Following up on a toy mash-up revealed back in February that had Megatron transforming into the Baroness’ HISS tank, the good guys now have a bot mash-up of their own with Bumblebee transforming into a GI Joe AWE Striker jeep with a Lonzo “Stalker” Wilkinson figure along for the ride. It’s retro nostalgia cranked way past 11, and while pre-orders are currently available through Hasbro Pulse for the $ 69 set, delivery isn’t expected until well into February of 2023. Oof!

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Lego Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader

The business side of the toy industry is mostly a mystery to fans and collectors, and it can sometimes rub them the wrong way. There’s a bit of backlash over a new set tied to the Disney+ Star Wars series, Obi-Wan Kenobi, featuring a climactic scene from the third episode. Fans of both Star Wars and Lego are wondering if a set recreating a scene where Darth Vader uses the Force to drag Obi-Wan through fire is entirely appropriate for kids, and aren’t all that excited to drop $ 50 on a 408-piece set that looks like it’s mostly display base. The inclusion of a NED-B droid minifigure wielding a power hammer is tempting, but Lego could probably have scaled this one back a bit.

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Hasbro Transformers Masterpiece Takara Tomy MP-57 Autobot Skyfire

Of all the Transformers toys released in the ’80s (and there were lots of them) one of the most desired among kids, and modern collectors, was Skyfire (aka Jetfire), loosely based on the Macross Super Valkyrie toys and anime that were really only accessible in Japan. The Transformers Masterpiece Takara Tomy MP-57 Autobot Skyfire is the definitive version of this toy, featuring extensive detailing and articulation, as well as three matching-scale Transformers figures: Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Wheeljack. Accessories include alternate faceplates with surprise and laughing expressions, and two chest panels bearing the Autobot and Decepticon logos. At $ 275, available for pre-order from Hasbro Pulseit’s far from cheap, but it’s definitely cheaper than having to import this figure directly from Japan.

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Slideshow Collectibles Star Wars C-3PO Life-Size Figure

If neither money nor space are issues with your ever-growing Star Wars collection, Sideshow Collectibles will happily fill a corner of your living room, home theater, or personal museum with a new life-sized recreation of C-3PO. Standing 6’2 ”tall atop a Millennium Falcon-themed base with exposed conduit wiring, the figure is immaculately detailed with a weathered golden exterior, one silver leg, and articulated shoulder joints allowing the droid to be posed with arms raised or lowered. As you’ve probably already guessed, this is one pricey collectible, coming in at $ 8,500, available for pre-order through Sideshow’s website and delivery expected as early as late this year, or into early 2023.

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Mattel Star Wars L0-LA59 Plush

Every Star Wars movie and streaming series needs a character that’s highly merchandisable for kids. It’s no Baby Yoda, but Leia’s L0-LA59 droid fills that role for Disney + ‘s Obi-Wan Kenobi. We’ve already got a mostly functional toy version from Hasbro (minus the flying) but now Mattel is delivering a plush version that’s safe for slumbers. Standing 11 inches tall on a pair of stubby legs with its posable wings propped up, the $ 35 plush (currently available for pre-order from Target) does include some electronic features, including a light-up glowing eye and sound effects triggered when a switch in the foot is pressed.

FanWraps Star Wars: The Mandalorian Grogu Solar-Powered Dashboard Waver

There’s no slowing Grogu’s popularity now that we know the little Jedi drop-out will once again be at the Mandalorian’s side going into season three of the Disney + Star Wars series. If you haven’t already dropped enough credits on Baby Yoda merch, the big-eared, big-eyed, Force-wielding … alien … can now pleasantly wave at you from your vehicle’s dashboard with this $ 25 driving distraction from FanWraps. Instead of food, all Grogu needs is light to keep his arm powered, which should come as a relief to any of your egg-transporting passengers.

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Pure Arts Batman 1: 1-Scale Cowl Replica Exclusive Edition

With a teased return in the upcoming DC multiverse-hopping The Flash filmthere’s renewed interest in Hollywood’s first big-budget take on Batmanand while it will be nice to see the Tim Burton Batmobile return to the big screen, Pure Arts is instead focusing on the cowl donned by Michael Keaton for its next collectible. Created using 3D scans of Keaton’s original costume, the 1: 1-scale cowl replica is made from “poly-hybrid mixed media for accurate prop textures and feel,”And while it may look like durable rubber, the cowl unfortunately isn’t for wearing. That makes its $ 800 price tag with pre-orders available now a little harder to swallow.

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WPC Super Mario Bros. Umbrellas

Nothing makes a rainy, cloudy day easier to endure than a novelty umbrella, and we’re quite frankly very excited for the next storm to roll through so we can justify importing these Super Mario Bros. themed brollies from Japan’s Wpc. The designs we’re particularly obsessed with feature classic Super Mario Bros. levels printed on clear vinyl, including Mario running across multiple layers of blocks dodging goombas, as well as the plumber tackling the game’s underwater levels. For around $ 15 they’re 100% an impulse purchase worth every penny, although expect that price to skyrocket when you try to import these from Japan.

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