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Who Is Mia Morris? About The 18-Year-Old Drummer Auditioning For ‘AGT’ – Hollywood Life

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Image Credit: NBC

America’s Got Talent is getting a major dose of rock ‘n’ roll during the June 28 episode. Mia Morris will be taking the stage during the fifth round of the season 17 auditions. Mia is multi-talented and sure to make a splash with the judges.

So, who is Mia Morris? The 18-year-old is a rising star in the music industry. HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 key things you need to know about Mia.

Mia Morris
Mia Morris during her ‘AGT’ auditions. (NBC)

1. Mia is a “drum prodigy.”

Mia has been called a “drum prodigy” by professional musicians, according to her official website. She backed up over 120 artists in 2019 alone. She started drumming at 10 years old. “One day I found a drum set in my neighbor’s garage. From then on, I spent most days playing drums and collecting other instruments to experiment with to make noise in YouTube videos, ”she told Nashville Voyager.

2. Mia is a multi-instrumentalist.

Mia can do much more than just play the drums. She can also play the piano, bass, guitar, ukulele, harmonica, Cajon, and melodica. In addition to playing instruments, Mia is a singer-songwriter.

3. Mia has written over 125 songs.

Mia is constantly working on music. She’s written over 125 songs for herself and other artists, her official bio reads. She’s released over 40 songs so far. However, she’s not looking to release an album any time soon.

“At the moment, an album isn’t my goal or focus,” she told Rearview Mirror. “I love releasing singles, and it’s easier as a small / unknown artist to ask someone to listen to a single rather than a full-blown album.”

4. Mia has her own vlog series.

Mia vlogs on her official YouTube page. She also frequently posts videos of her performances and covers. She posted her first YouTube video in 2014. She has over 54,000 subscribers.

Mia Morris
Mia Morris performing during her ‘AGT’ audition. (NBC)

5. Mia is based in Nashville.

Mia is originally from Indianapolis. Her parents decided to move to Nashville when she was in seventh grade. She began getting gigs in Nashville, including a house position on cajon playing for the Song Suffragettes. She’s still working on writing and releasing her own music.

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