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Amazon Workers Circulate Petition for a Safer Workplace

  truck arrives at the Amazon warehouse facility on the Staten Island borough of New York, April 1, 2022.

truck arrives at the Amazon warehouse facility on the Staten Island borough of New York, April 1, 2022.
Photo: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez (AP)

It’s no secret that Amazon has been less than friendly to its workers who are trying to unionize. And given the way Amazon has wormed its way into the workings of just about everything, it’s hard to avoid shopping with the retail giant. But if you want to still do something to support workers this Prime Day, sign a petition to demand that Amazon create a safer work environment, stop union-busting, swear stop Amazon from mandating overtime on Prime Day. It’s literally the least you can do.

“In order to fulfill orders, workers are forced to dig through dangerously overstuffed bins, heavy boxes falling causing sprains and concussions, retrieving items from collapsing bins and struggling to meet back-breaking quotas,” the petition, started by Amazon’s ALB1 warehouse in Schodack , New York, explains.

“It’s even worse on Prime Day, when the company’s already-lackluster on-site care is overwhelmed, and workers are forced to work injured. Amazon’s injury rate is 80% higher than similar companies’ injured worker rate. There’s a reason why Amazon has a 150% annual employee turnover rate,” the petition reads.

What do the workers want you to do about it? Just sign a petition.

“Please sign the petition below to demand that Amazon recognizes the Amazon Labor Union, creates safer conditions, respects worker health, and stops its rampant union-busting,” the petition reads.

The petition has been signed by just 923 peoplewith a goal of getting 1,000 people to sign.

Not only did Amazon invent a new holiday out of thin air, just like plenty of other companies that would come before it, the retailer is rumored to be interested in adding another Prime Day sometime later in the year, according to CNBC. Double the Prime Days and double the potential for injury!

If you’re addicted to the convenience of Amazon, that’s completely understandable. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t demand a safer workplace for everyone. Just sign the petition. It takes just a few seconds.

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