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Joseph Quinn on Eddie’s Fate in Stranger Things Season 4

Eddie Munson

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In a special video released by Netflixactor Joseph Quinn discussed playing Eddie Munson and broke down his journey on Stranger Things etcseason four. The actor revealed that even he did not know the fate of the fan-favorite hero when he took on the role, which leads us to believe that perhaps plans for Eddie were in flux. With the number of homages to Eddie—not to mention Metallica’s “Master of Puppets climbing the charts—we wouldn’t be surprised if the Duffer Brothers figure out a way to bring him back.

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Eddie and Dustin practice fighting in a field

Screenshots: Netflix

“When I signed on for Stranger ThingsI didn’t know that Eddie was going to die,Quinn revealed. “The first time I read the death scene, I remember thinking that this is a beautifully written scene. And I’ve got a wonderful actor [in Gaten Matarazzo] to go into that scene. So, I remember feeling quite lucky.”

He continued. “It’s the tale of redemption—which I think is kind of what we like as an audience. He’s kind of authentic. I think maybe people responded to that. I think that video, the TikTok video—theChrissy Wake Up Remix’—[is] kind of hilarious. The fact that people will take time out of their day to make art about a character that I played is so lovely feeling. And then I got a text from Winona Ryder saying ‘well done’—which was pretty great.”

A popular fan speculation based on Eddie’s choice of armor and death is that he could become a version of Kas, a vampire character who served Vecna ​​through imprisonment in their story arc from Dungeons & Dragons. He’s known to carry a spiked shield, which is what we saw Eddie use against those bats, and a lot of his motifs, like the bat tattoos on his arm, speak to some seeds we hope have been sown for this. So maybe a transformation is in order (like fans on this Reddit thread hope). Given his popularity, he could be given a new afterlife through an interpretation where Eddie the Banished becomes Eddie the Destroyer, like Kas who turned on Vecna? We would love to see it.

Watch the rest of the interview below:

Joseph Quinn Breaks Down Eddie’s Journey in Stranger Things 4 | Netflix

All seasons of Stranger Things are now streaming on Netflix.

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