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Motherhood Portrayal in Marvel Movies & TV, From Best to Worst

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Screenshots: Marvel Studios

Wanda going full witch Karen was not on our bingo card. So while yes, it was time to see the Scarlet Witch turn heel, it felt abruptly dark when she went after a young teen, intending to murder for her multiverse-hopping abilities—and then massacred the Illuminati just because a woman with power simply cannot handle it. (Not only that, but a woman who can’t have children will be driven mad with grief and use her ultimate powers to be destructive. Great messaging there.) Instead of—I don’t know, taking young America Chavez under her wing so that they could team up to find America’s moms, and perhaps a universe where Billy and Tommy don’t already have a mom, Wanda’s undone because from Multiverse of Madness‘ point of view, a woman can’t have both.

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