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Why Camila Cabello Isn’t Putting “Pressure” on Herself to Find Love

Camilla Cabello doesn’t mind being a single senorita.

Since every breakup with Shawn Mendes last fall, theBam Bam” the singer says she isn’t too concerned with finding a new boyfriend.

“I don’t put a lot of focus on it,” she said Cosmopolitan UK in a profile published July 7. “I just really want to hang out with people, I want to make friends, and I’ve made a lot of great friends over the past year. If something happens, then that’s really fun, but I don’t put any pressure on it,”

It’s a new mindset for the 25-year-old, who admitted she used to prioritize being in a romantic relationship.

“Before I used to be like, ‘Yes, love, oh my God, love,’ and now I’m just trying to have a good time,” she continued. “I just want to live my life and have great friendships.”

She added, “If something comes out of [them] that’s something more, then that’s great.”

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