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YouTube Premium Has Its Perks. Here Are Some To Consider

There are all kinds of digital subscriptions you can sign up for nowadays—for cloud storage and fitness plans and music streaming and audiobooks—and you simply cannot sign up for every single one. Even if you had the money, you wouldn’t have the time to get your money’s worth.

This brings us to YouTube Premium, the paid plan for the video-sharing site that you and billions of other people happily use for free. So why would you pay $12 a month for it? We’re going to outline the perks here, so you can decide whether it’s worth the price.

No Ads

Sitting through YouTube ads isn’t the worst experience you’re ever going to have—most of them can be skipped after a few seconds anyway—but you might be surprised at just how much better the YouTube experience is without the interruptions and hassles.

You can try YouTube Premium for free—which we encourage you to do—and that will give you an idea of ​​the difference. It actually saves a significant amount of time, especially if you’re a frequent YouTube user and spend a lot of time on the site or in the app.

Also, if you’re using YouTube for music for a party, you won’t have your tunes interrupted every few minutes by an advert. It also helps when you’re presenting clips to other people—at work or in a classroom, for example.

You can download videos to your device with YouTube Premium.

YouTube via David Nield

Built-In Video Downloads

YouTube Premium subscribers can also save videos for offline playback. This works in the YouTube apps for Android and iOS, as well as in desktop web browsers, so that you can take your videos anywhere.

No longer do you have to put up with a dodgy internet connection or a lack of Wi-Fi ruining your video streaming. Whether you’re heading to a park or hopping on a plane, you’re able to queue up a selection of clips for your viewing entertainment.

In the mobile apps, there is also a feature called Smart Downloads. This automatically downloads clips that YouTube thinks you will like (based on your recommendations), so you’ve always got something to watch, whether you’re online or off.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music, which would normally set you back $10 a year, is included with YouTube Premium—so you’re getting a full music streaming service in the style of Spotify or Apple Music as one of your perks.

While YouTube Music might not be quite as feature-rich or as comprehensive as some of its rivals, it has everything that most people need. You can run it through a web browser or through the dedicated mobile apps, and there’s the option to sync tracks to your devices for offline listening.

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