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Diamond Dallas Page admits that 12-time World Champion wanted Goldberg to beat him (Exclusive)

WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page has crossed paths with Goldberg before. Their paths crossing was inevitable given both their status as top-tier WCW World Heavyweight title-level superstars. On the latest episode of The Bro ShowDDP spoke about the legendary streak and a fellow legend wanting to lose to Goldberg.

Goldberg is one of the greatest legends in WCW history. Although his tenure with the company wasn’t as long as many people thought, it was impactful enough to make him one of the larger-than-life superstars in professional wrestling. His star power translated as he has had a match as recently as February 2021. His WWE run has been successful, but it’s not the most remembered one of his career.

Perhaps the most memorable and revered moment of Goldberg’s career was when he defeated the legendary 12-time world champion (Five WWE Titles, six WCW World Titles, one IWGP World Title) Hulk Hogan in front of a massive crowd at Atlanta, Georgia.

Speaking about his fellow-WWE Hall of Famer, DDP said that the idea of ​​the “streak” coming together came only after 20 wins while going on to praise the legend:

“I don’t think it was before 20 [wins] or something. When that son of ab *** h walked out there, he looked like a world champion. He acted like a world champion. He had the look, the size, the charisma, the ‘it’ factor. He delivered. That match he did with [Hulk] Hogan, you go back and look at how long he worked, it delivered. The match he did with me? Hell of a match. He needed to be led in those scenarios, but he delivered. ” [19:55-20:48]

With regards to the legendary Goldberg-Hulk Hogan match on Nitro, Diamond Dallas Page said that it was the 12-time world champion’s idea to put over the rising star of WCW to give him his first world title:

“I want to say that was Terry’s [Hulk Hogan’s] idea. ” [21:33-21:35]

You can watch the full episode of The Bro Show below:

Is Goldberg’s run with WWE over?

On paper, it seems as though the WWE Hall of Famer’s run with the company is officially over. It was only apt that his final match came against Roman Reigns – an opponent who he was supposed to face in the main event of WrestleMania 36.

The legend had been a bit more selfless in the past couple of years, losing to the likes of Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyreand even Bobby Lashley before having the best match of his WWE career against the latter and beating him.

It doesn’t seem to be conclusive that he is done with WWE. Given the value his name holds, the company won’t hesitate to offer him a lucrative new deal for a few more matches at least. He may not be done just yet.

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