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Requiem features on Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase with new gameplay trailer

A Plague Tale: Requiem is one of the most anticipated titles of 2022 that will continue the story of Amicia and Hugo, whom players met in A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase, a part of the ongoing Summer Game Fest 2022, featured a fresh new gameplay clip of the sequelwith Amicia in violent action.


A Plague Tale: Innocence came out in 2019 and was set in medieval France during the Hundred Years’ War. Players followed the trial and struggled of the siblings, Amicia and Hugo, as they dealt with a world falling apart from the Black Death.

The narrative and mechanics of the game were received with positive reviews, and had players eagerly waiting for a sequel.

A Plague Tale: Requiem will feature a much more violent Amicia

As the gameplay trailer’s title, End of Innocence, states, the game is set to mark Amicia becoming more violent as she pays no heed to others telling her not to kill.

The clip continues to show her ruthlessly taking down one enemy after the other, saying, “I am tired of being afraid.” She goes as far as pushing a soldier into the mass of rats and choking another while saying they are nothing to be scared of.

This is a marked turn from the protagonist that players knew back in the first game. There is a steadfast determination in her voice, the swing of her blade and on the tips of her arrows (yes, she now carries a crossbow). But similar to her first kill back in Innocence, it is likely that her acts of violence will take a toll on her.


The trailer ends with Amicia asking Hugo to “do it, quick.” Hugo raises a fist and hugs the ground as the screen goes dark. The next frame shows a yellow tinted screen as the camera follows a horde of rats rushing towards the target, likely meaning players will have some ability to call and control the plague carriers.

The official description for the game shares that players will start on a heartrending journey into a brutal, breathtaking world, while discovering the cost of saving the people they love. Players will be able to attack as Amicia from the shadows or head on with “a variety of weapons, tools, and unearthly powers.”

The trailer at The Game Awards 2021 showed the various landscapes that players will get to explore. The Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase trailer did the same, featuring a look at both urban and rural landscapes.

Those who enjoyed the earlier journey of Amicia and Hugo are surely in for another heart-wrenching adventure with a narrative that will resonate the same way as its predecessor. The game will come out in 2022 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S (Day One on Game Pass), PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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