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Why should fitness walkers avoid weighted shoes?

Weighted shoes are exactly what the term sounds – footwear that adds one to five pounds. This additional weight is at the sole, and the common marketing claim is that it helps with burning more calories per mile.

The reason these shoes are marketed that way is because it is believed that they add extra resistance while walking. As a result, the body burns more calories, helping consumers lose weight.

Do weighted shoes work?

While some claim that these shoes work, there is no scientific evidence that they do. In fact, no fitness coach or therapist recommends anyone to purchase these shoes.


Usually, it’s advised that shoes should be comfortable, especially the ones worn during fitness or workout routines, especially while walking.

That’s because the feet take on all the pressure during power walks, brisk walks, cardio, etc. That is already quite taxing for the muscles and joints. Using weighted shoes, it could make sense to add additional resistance.

However, to add more resistance, use dumbbells, barbells or weight plates during your cardio routines. Your footwear should be comfortable and light to allow better movement and agility during your workout routines.

Here’s why you should avoid weighted shoes

You’ll find that not everything you hear in the fitness industry is good for you, like wearing weighted shoes. Sometimes, there are reasons to not do something as opposed to including it in your workout routine


Here’s why weighted shoes should be avoided:

Causes strain on joints

Our bodies are designed to handle weights when we hold them in our hands during weight training. However, the joints are not made to have extra weight strapped to them.

Therefore, adding these shoes to your workout gear just puts more strain on your ankles and feet rather than burning more calories.

Even in resistance training, we use resistance for a short period of time during sets. However, using weighted shoes means putting strain on the joints all the time, which is not good for the joints.

Slows you down

The common claim is that you will burn more calories with each step you take with weighted shoes due to the extra resistance.

However, these shoes only slow you down, meaning the distance you walk is reduced and so is the pace. That will balance out any extra calories you’ll burn using these shoes.


It’s better to walk faster and longer distances wearing normal shoes.

There are better ways to burn calories

If your goal is to burn calories, you can do it with weight training and HIIT instead of using weighted shoes. These are much better ways of losing weight and adding muscle mass.

If you don’t want to go to the gym, you can purchase resistance bands and jump ropes for workouts at home or at the park. That will serve your purpose better than using weighted shoes.

Bottom line

You can use weighted shoes if you want to, but you shouldn’t use them for an extended amount of time.

Of course, there’s no harm in having a pair and wearing them once in a while, but as a fitness walker, you should look to avoid these shoes.

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